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The New York Times Wine Club


Q. How does the Wine Club work?
A. Our Wine Club is a great way to learn about wine from various regions found all over the world. You will receive 6 bottles of wine in each shipment at your desired frequency: every month, every 2 months or every 3 months. We offer two club levels: Sampler for $90/per shipment which features everyday drinking wines and Reserve for $180/per shipment which features entertaining and cellaring wines. You will continue to receive 6 wines at your desired frequency for as long as you like. There are no membership fees, or cancellation fees, you only pay for the wine you receive. All wines are selected by licensed retailers for sales in their state.

Q. Is there a fee to become a member?
A. There is no membership fee. You are only charged for the wine you receive in each shipment. Your credit card is charged at the time of each shipment.

Q. How many bottles do I receive and how often do I receive a shipment?
A. For the mixed red and white clubs, you will receive six different wines at your chosen frequency of every 1, 2 or 3 months. For the all-red clubs, you will receive four unique wines and two bottles each of two of our favorite bottles.

Q. How do I know what wines I’m getting? What if I only want red or white wines?
A. The wines vary from month to month, and become available on the website when we begin shipping for that month. We currently do not offer an all-white option, but please voice your request with customer service, and we’ll let you know when we have additional offers.

Q. How are the wines chosen for the Wine Club?
A. Our team of experts taste thousands of wines every year, and information is provided on potential selections to the licensed retailers who make the final selections on wines that will be included in the Wine Club packages for sale in their state. Each wine is evaluated based on its balance in impeccable quality and value.

Q. Where do the wines come from? How are they sourced? Can I find them in retail stores?
A. The majority of our wines are sourced from boutique wineries from all over the world, many of which are small unknown, family-owned labels. Global Wine Co’s team travels the globe to find wines with the best quality for the best value to feature in the wine club. Unlike other clubs, we do not privately label wines. Most of these wines are not available in stores.

Q. Who is Global Wine Company?
A. The Times has carefully chosen an expert wine company, Global Wine Co, to operate the wine club for our readers. Global Wine Co. has been running branded wine clubs for over 7 years. Global Wine’s panel of wine experts sample wine on a daily basis to find the best wines for members of The New York Times Wine Club. Thousands of wines from around the world are tasted each year and information is provided on potential selections to the licensed retailers who make the final selections on wines that will be included in the Wine Club packages for sale in their state. This process ensures that the wines selected are of high quality and value for our members.

Q. Is The Times involved in the wine selection?
A. The Times has carefully selected Global Wine Co, an expert wine company, to find all the wines for The New York Times Wine Club.

Q. What type of payment do you accept?
A. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We authorize the card, and your payment is made directly to the applicable licensed wine retailer.


Q. Why do you need my birthday and why do I have to be 21?
A. We need your birth date to verify you are over 21 at the time of purchase. It is the law that you must be over 21 to purchase and or take receipt of a shipment of alcohol.

Q. When will my shipment arrive?
A. New or first club shipment orders are shipped every week; ongoing wine club shipments are sent at the beginning of each month. Depending on the state you are shipping to, the shipment can take 2-10 days to arrive. We will send you an email the day your wine club package ships which includes a link with a tracking number to allow you to track your shipment.

Q. How will my wine arrive? What sort of packaging do you use?
A. We ship in unmarked corrugated cardboard boxes and use recycled pulp bottle inserts. All materials are 100% recyclable.

Q. How is my wine shipped?
A. The wine is stored and shipped via temperature control methods and when it arrives at your nearest GSO, UPS or FedEx hub, it's stored at a constant cellar temperature. For optimal delivery, we do recommend using a business address as your ship-to address. GSO, UPS and FedEx typically deliver to business addresses earlier in the day which will mean your wine will spend less time on their truck. Should there be extreme weather concerns whether it's very hot or very cold in certain parts of the country, we will hold your wine so it arrives at your door at the best temperature.

Q. My tracking number does not register on the FedEx/UPS website -- what do I do?
A. Due to state laws, we need to use different shipping partners in some states. It can take those shippers up to a week to get your shipment to your local UPS/FedEx location. While in transit to your state, your tracking number will not register on the UPS/FedEx website. Once received and registered by your local delivery company (UPS/FedEx), your package’s tracking number will register on the website.

Q. What if I won’t be home to accept my package?
A. To prevent minors from buying or accepting alcohol purchases, an adult 21 years or older must be present to sign for each shipment; UPS and FedEx do require proper identification. This person may be an adult besides yourself, but the person must be 21 or older with an acceptable form of ID present at time of delivery. UPS and FedEx will not deliver to adults who are visibly intoxicated at the time of delivery in accordance with federal law. To avoid unnecessary delays and complications during transit and delivery, we suggest that you use your business address or make arrangements for a legal adult to be present at the delivery location. If after several delivery attempts the shipper returns the package, you will be responsible for the initial shipping fees. Should this occur, we will contact you and you can either cancel the order and receive a refund for your order less the initial shipping fees, or pay for a second shipment.

Q. Why don’t you ship to my state?
A. Each state government controls how wine can be shipped into their state. We’re working tirelessly to add new states where permitted. Please give us your contact details and we’ll inform you when your state becomes available.

Q. If I like a particular wine in my shipment, can I order more?
A. Yes! You can order additional wine by browsing our Wine Store or by logging into your account and viewing your order history. In your account, you can check the boxes next to the wines you would like to re-order, hit add to cart, adjust quantities in your cart and then continue through checkout. As a member you receive 10% off all purchases from the Wine Store. All wine that is in stock is listed on the Wine Store of our website.

Q. How much does shipping cost on shipments in my Wine Club membership?
A. Your 6-bottle Wine Club shipments have a shipping cost of $19.95.


Q. Can I return an order of wine?
A. Unfortunately, due to state shipping laws, we are unable to accept wine returns. Please contact customer service at 1-877-698-6841 for alternate shipping and refund options.

Q. What if my wine is damaged or tastes a little off?
A. Sometimes wine bottles do get damaged in transit and occasionally, a particular wine can be ‘corked’ which means the cork has failed and has spoiled the wine. Not to worry, the licensed retailer in your state offer a 100% guarantee. If you are unhappy with a particular wine for any reason they will replace your purchase or refund your money, whichever you prefer (subject to applicable laws of the retailer's state).

Q. I'm going out of town and won't be able to receive my shipment -- what can i do?
A. Give our Customer Service team a call at 1-877-698-6841 to put your wine club membership on hold or reschedule the delivery date so you can be available to receive it.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. You can stay a member as long as you want or you may cancel at any time. If your recurring wine shipment is in process at the time of cancellation, your cancellation will go into effect the following month.

Q. Can I cancel my membership online?
A. To cancel your membership, you must call Customer Service at 1-877-NYT-6841 (1-877-698-6841) or send us an email at

© The New York Times Company and © Global Wine Company, Inc. The New York Times, where local law allows, has chosen Global Wine Company and its panel of experts to select the wines and operate the clubs on our behalf. In other jurisdictions, premium local retailers have been selected to provide such services. The Wine Club is operated without the participation of the Times wine critics or other members of the newsroom. State laws prohibits the offer of free goods in conjunction with the sale of alcoholic beverages. The cost of all items in an offer is included in the advertised price. All wine sales are made by a licensed retailer in compliance with state laws and the licensed retailer assures all involved that it fully complies with all states laws applicable to it. All credit card payments will be facilitated by Global Wine Company, Inc., located at 1401 Los Gamos Dr. #230, San Rafael, CA 94903. Due to state laws, wine can be purchased only by adults 21 years and older. See shipping policy for states served.